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14/18mm Universal Domeless Titanium OMNI Nail (SCS)


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Top shelf living. This is one of the highest quality titanium nails on the global market. Domeless reclaimless design. An innovative titanium nail. Painstakingly both engineered and precision manufactured with pride in Santa Cruz, California, USA. This product is Medical grade, manufactured from Grade 2 Titanium. Can be completely disassembled and reassembled to fit any piece (male or female).

Santa Cruz Shredder employs extremely strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures on product components throughout the manufacturing process. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade cleaning solution to remove ABSOLUTELY ALL contaminates. Cavitation bubbles induced by this agitation act upon all contaminants embedded during the machining process. This action penetrates blind holes, cracks & even the tiniest recesses; thoroughly removing all traces of contamination tightly adhering to any surface (including dust, dirt, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints, and toxic 


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