18mm Direct inject Element (HIVE)


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Medical Grade. Fits Standard 18mm joints. Proudly made in the United States of America.

Height: 53mm
Dish Diameter: 20mm
Stem Length: 31mm
Stem Diameter: 10mm

ATTENTION: Ceramic is Fragile! Please be aware that repetitive, successive heating/use with a Propane torch, and especially with a MAP Gas Torch in a short period of time (successive use <5 minutes after heating) is not recommended. Heating the ceramic without allowing the element to cool causes unstable, rapid shifts in temperature and may result in undesired CRACKING and or BREAKAGE of the element. Electric Nails keep the ceramic element at a stable temperature and thus, should be significantly lower failure rates when using in tandem with Electric Nails.

HIVE Ceramics manufactures and distributes a proprietary blend of ceramic elements for torched, electronic and portable vaporizers, as well as provides any type of custom design and collaboration work under the sun. Here are some of the amazing attributes and benefits of HIVE:

• Medical and Food Grade
• Chemically Inert
• Non Corrosive
• All Natural
• Nonporous
• Great Heat Retention

HIVE’s first batch of prototypes passed taste tests with beyond flying colors. With a reduced price point to account for possible wear and tear, HIVE is positive that their proprietary ceramic is still the next big thing in vaporizing essential oils. The taste really is unmatched, and we know you’ll agree!!!

HIVE Ceramics is dedicated to bringing the vaporization community the healthiest and cleanest tasting vapor experience possible. They continue to strive for excellence, be creative, innovate and deliver the highest quality products on the market.


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